Advanced features of aicom's search engine

The search engine has been designed to provide users with a fluid, simple, but equally efficient user experience.

It should also be known that advanced features can refine searches on search engines, including that of aicom WEB PERFORMANCES. By entering the query, users can use specific languages ​​to better optimize their search:

  • Quotation marks (« craftsman uk ») help to orient the search on an entire expression;
  • A dash (-craftsman) placed in front of a word makes it possible to exclude it from a search;
  • A Tilde (~craftsman) in front of a word in the search query allows to include the synonyms of this word in your search;
  • A star (*), instead of unknown words, makes it easy to find an expression when we do not remember it in its entirety;
  • Putting OR in your query allows you to search for one word or another.

Learn more about search engines (page only available in French at the moment)